SC Tech Focus Areas

Asset tracking (condition, location, counts)



Maintenance tracking and optimization



Warehouse operations optimization



Process automation:


  • Reduce time processing returnable assets by over 90%


  • Reduce time for accurate inventory counts by over 90%



AI tools for site access point control and monitoring

Industrial Internet of Things

Know the location and condition of assets from the receiving dock to the warehouse to the production lines through to delivery to the customer.

Optimize your warehouse and production operations. Get the visibility you want and need.


Use reminders and alerts to make sure your operations work the way they should.


Define the triggers that work for you — whether it is an action being taken, not being done on a timely basis or something else.

Monitor activities at critical control points – know what’s happening in real-time. asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasfdasdfadsf

Capture data using smart forms or sensors.


Analytics, algorithms, models, and visualizations allow you to optimize your operations.

Track and optimize your inventory levels, asset usage, and maintenance work.


Do accurate inventory cycle counts in minutes with our RFID tracking software.


It’s all about the data

Digital forms and sensors automate manual processes – RFID, bar codes, GPS devices, BLE, UWB, and more


Digital forms can mirror your workflows or be used on a stand-alone basis


Eliminate paper and spreadsheets – capture data in structured formats that make it usable by analytics, algorithms and data models


Algorithms, models, and visualization tools make it easy to optimize your operations – without the need for expensive headcount or time you don’t have


Create customized dashboards and reports (including through our Power Bi integration)

Easy to adopt, straightforward to use

No expensive and time-consuming implementation process

Turnkey system is up and running in weeks.

No expensive headcount or consultants to install and use the system.

Web browser and app-based.


Priced for small and mid-sized businesses.


Broad functionality means you do not have to pay for, integrate and use multiple systems.

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