Sticker Control is the perfect tool to automate control of your SKUs. Control all assets that enter and leave your warehouses automatically. Digitize your work-flows and data collection.

Start with the basics

Basic traceability and process automation and control are the best way to start using the Sticker Control Platform.

Basic Traceability

How much inventory do I have?

Where is my inventory located?

Am I sending the right items in each shipment?

Have I received everything I ordered and are all of those items in the right place?

Automate and Digitize Your Processes

Create your own dynamic forms.

Define the relationships between the forms.

Link everything to an IoT device for even greater control.

Adopt the functionality that your business needs

Our platform offers numerous functional modules – adopt the ones you need when you need them.

Fast and Accurate Inventory Counts

Use our app to perform accurate inventory counts in minutes.

Automatically validate the accuracy of all shipments

Make sure you always send the right products in every order.  Eliminate customer complaints, supplemental shipments and returns.

Manage your critical control points

Gain visibility over your critical control points:

– Control the flow of assets.

– Receive notifications triggered by pre-defined events.

Optimize your operations

Our platform will help you capture the data you want and need in a cost-efficient manner.  

Our customizable digital forms can mirror your work-flows or be used on a stand-alone basis.  

Supplement the digital forms with any type of IoT device – RFID, QR or bar codes, GPS devices and more.

Our system integration capabilities eliminate data silos.

We have a variety of clients

Main features of the Sticker Control Platform are ease of use and adaptability.

This allows us to have customers from many different manufacturing and distribution industry segments.

Equipment Rental

Manufacturer’s Reps

Supply Chain and Logistics

Ports (Sea, Land and Air)