Asset tracking use case

Rental car companies


Our client is a multi-national company that provides solutions to rental car companies in various European countries. Their clients have several related situations that they want to work with Sticker Control to improve.




Our client’s customers want to get cars to a “ready-to-rent” status more quickly; that is, to reduce the time between a car being returned and a car being ready to be rented again. This involves:


  • Identifying points in the turnaround process that are the source of delays and what the problems are.
  • Understanding if there are certain types of cars or rental facilities that have specific issues.


Based on this information, our client’s customers want to be able to improve their operational efficiencies and also to optimize the size and composition of their fleets.


Sticker Control Solution


Phase 1 – Basic asset tracking


  • An RFID tag is placed on the windshield of each rental car.
  • RFID readers installed at different locations at the rental car facility – the parking lot where cars are returned by customers, the location where they are cleaned, the location where they are repaired and the location where they are parked once they are ready to be rented again.
  • The client’s customers get a complete and detailed picture of each car’s journey from return to “ready-to-rent” status. They also get aggregated information about different vehicle types and the performance of different facilities to identify problem car models and facilities.


Phase 2 – Analytics, optimization algorithms plus back-end data tools


  • The data pattern recognition tools will be able to identify patterns that might not be otherwise apparent – common sources of inefficiencies or expense, etc.
  • Our client’s customers will be able to get into more detailed analyses of their operations and the number and types of cars they own, how to improve their turn-around times and how to provide incentives to the renters to encourage behaviors that help them achieve their goals (for example, how to keep cars from stockpiling in certain locations and having to pay to move them to other locations).
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