Automate and Digitize Processes

Move into the digital world

Digitize and automate your company’s processes, whether quality control, maintenance or general operations management.

Coordinate and synchronize all of your departments through our App.

Much more than a simple module

Process digitization and automation is a perfect way to start using the Sticker Control platform.

Like the rest of the platform, this is customizable to suit your needs.

Create your own customized digital forms

Generate your own digital forms in a just a few easy steps.

Define the characteristics of each part of your forms.

Control your work-flows

Our digital forms can control or support work-flows and internal processes, or act on a stand-alone basis to let you capture more data.

Link information and documentation related to each step in a process, and make it easily visible to internal and external parties.

Setup different steps in processes.  Make some dependent or conditional, and others independent or mandatory.  And much more.

Identify your assets

Tools, tooling and other assets used in your day-to-day receive a unique identifier – whether via an RFID tag or a more complex IoT device.

Link IoT devices with digital forms

Our system allows you to link digital forms with physical assets.

The IoT asset tracking devices can have all of the information you need about the asset – a unique identifier, the asset’s attributes, production date and lot number, repair and usage histories, and more.

Add information and link the digital forms

Establish the data to be captured by the form at each step, and link data and documentation related to that step.

Match different steps.  Make them dependent or conditional, or mandatory.

Step into the digital world

Our paperwork digitization tools are the perfect way to start progressively digitizing your company on a schedule you can control.  Get rid of paper and start using our App to manage your operations more effectively and efficiently — no more paper chases!