Get the Most Out of Reusable Packaging

Easy to Adopt and Straightforward to Use

Many companies enjoy significant savings using reusable packaging like pallets, trays, racks and more

Why use Reusable Packaging?

Reduces overall packaging purchase and disposal costs.

Improves work-flows through more product and process-specific designs.

Helps achieve sustainability goals.

Reduces product damage.

But those savings are significantly reduced

by the packaging loss rates…

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Studies show that annual packaging loss rates

range from 10% to 30%

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And the direct cost of those losses are estimated

to be between $800M and $1.5M annually

Container shortages can lead to:

Production interruptions that

lead to expensive downtime

Delays in order processing

and deliveries

Costly emergency purchases

of substitute packaging

Excess “cushion” stock

of packaging

Sticker Control´s Reusable Packaging

Tracking Module Can Help

We use low-cost IoT sensors that are easy to use

on any type of packaging.

Each package is tracked digitally as

it leaves your facility.


  • Customer ID and order number
  • Shipment date and time
  • Number and type of packaging shipped

The packaging is automatically tracked when

returned to your facility.


  • Customer ID and order number
  • Return date and time
  • Any shortfall in the quantity returned

Alerts and reporting make it easy to manage

reusable packaging.


  • Personalized alerts can be based on customizable criteria
  • Reports put the information you need at your fingertips

Our Reusable Tracking Module really makes it simple


Reduce packaging

loss rates

ROI is <3 months including the cost of all hardware

Eliminate the need for manual counts

Optimization algorithms allow you to have the right packaging at the right facility