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You just got to the Sticker Control website, you might come because you found us looking for information about RFID, someone (including a person from our team) has referenced us or because you have just arrived casually up here. In any case, we invite you to stay, explore our website and review the different posts we publish regularly, both on the use of our platform, and on how RFID in combination with Sticker Control can help your business.


Sticker Control is a traceability software using RFID. This means therefore that we have two fundamental components:


  • The software: it is a multi-device platform, through which our clients will know in real time where all the elements that they are interested in controlling are located. This may include raw material, finished materials, value added goods and more. The platform has a web part, in which in a simple and intuitive way, and in a few steps, you can register your company, add locations, add employee roles, assign permissions to those roles, etc. In addition, you can generate yourself the elements you want to control and assign attributes to them. For example, if you manufacture screws, you can generate the screw element and assign attributes that will later be associated with these elements, such as weight, caliber, thickness, among others.


  • RFID technology: all our software is designed to integrate with RFID systems, both printing, reading and labeling hardware through this technology.


Sticker Control is modular, and as such you can add features to your platform as your needs grow or as you become familiar with the system.


Start with the basic traceability system, put the system up and running in just minutes, add inventory management or unify the way your customers place orders. Add the warehouse control module to know precisely where all your stock is located in real time.


In case your needs are more specific, we can also carry out a customized study of them and propose personalized solutions with a “turnkey” project. We analyze the specific problems of your company, for this we have experts in management of manufacturing companies and inventory optimization. Once the analysis is done, we look for the most optimal way to implement Sticker Control with you.


Algorithm to improve your processes and Big Data


Collecting and managing hundreds of thousands of data from our clients allows us to perform complex analysis of such data and offer algorithms that enhance the efficiencies of your company, such as:


  • Optimize the use of forklifts within the warehouse.
  • Maintain optimal stock levels, in addition to efficiently managing the way in which they are stored.


For more information about the multiple benefits that Sticker Control can provide you, you can access the posts related to the use cases that are currently operative with our system, in the following link. These are real cases of Sticker Control customers that thanks to our tool, in which we detail the processes that these companies carry out before the installation of our system, the problems that existed (surely more than one reader feels identified ), the new work flow and the improvements that Sticker Control has contributed in each case.


Visit our website for more information about what Sticker Control can do for your company and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay up to date with our RFID news.

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